Men's Senior Section History

The Seniors’ Section in the early days consisted of 15 to 20 members, mostly ex forces, who socialised with their wives and family members in the clubhouse. In those early days several past club captains, a president and vice presidents formed the core of the seniors’ membership and in subsequent years another president of the golf club and a county president were also in the Seniors’ Section . Chas Woods was president of the club from 1957 to 1978, Bill Humphrey, a bookie, was a larger than life character, Les Kerr DFC had served in the Royal Air Force, George Wood another character, was a butcher and Fred Lawson it is understood, first played at Westerhope in 1944. It was agreed, back then, that the ideal time and format for the Seniors’ Section members to play golf would be thirteen holes every Tuesday, and thirteen holes was a founding principle which allowed members of all ages in the section to participate fully.

It was decided by the members to hold an annual Christmas dinner when prizes, cups and trophies would be presented to the winners and members’ wives, although not attending, helped to organise the event. Prizes and trophies were purchased and some were donated by members.

Membership of the Seniors’ Section grew steadily due to north east employers offering voluntary redundancy to older employees and subsequently golf became a popular game for retired workers.

The Northumberland Seniors’ League was formed in 1973 when a group led by Bill Humphrey contacted golf club seniors’ secretaries in the South Northumberland area. Thirteen clubs responded and in 1974 the inaugural league commenced. Bill Humphrey presented the trophy to be awarded to the league winning team. The trophy was bought with contributions from a group of Westerhope seniors, calling themselves the ‘ Westerhope Awaysters,’ so called, it is believed, because they liked to organise golf trips away.

The Seniors’ Section upholds the early principles of getting together to play in a golf sweep every Tuesday. In addition to the sweep, members play for several trophies throughout the year. A Field day at Westerhope is a popular event when prizes are awarded for different competitions within age groups. An Away Day is also well supported and to round off the year a Christmas competition is played for over several weeks.

The highlight of the year is the Christmas Dinner and Presentation Night, attended by almost all of the members and guests include the Club President, Captain, Secretary, Course Manager and the Professionals from the golf shop.

Men's Senior Section Contacts

Position Name Contact Details
Chairman Bob Steel 07443 543150
Secretary Graham Scott 07484 257930
Treasurer John Archbold 07866 085844

Trophy Winners

Scroll Down for other cups Westerhope Seniors Cup Leyland Paint Pot Anderson Trophy Danny Hunter Trophy Ron Henry Trophy Presidents Trophy John Warne Trophy
1957 C A Woods            
1958 D Bissett            
1959 G Marley            
1960 N Longstaff            
1961 J F Kelt            
1962 J Liddle            
1963 J Liddle            
1964 J Liddle            
1965 G M Wood            
1972 G Marley            
1973 E Maughan            
1974 W M Younghusband            
1975 A H Bolam            
1976 E Patterson E Patterson          
1977 J Ward R Wood          
1978 J Ward J Robson          
1979 J Ward G R Pattinson          
1980 J Ward J A Price          
1981 J Fraser W R Johnston G Pattinson        
1982 J Ward E Cross M Ramshaw        
1983 J Fraser W R Johnston W Morrill        
1984 J Fraser A Tyrner T Gibson        
1985 T Gibson H C F Bell J A Price        
1986 W Johnson H C F Bell G Purdy        
1987 J King H Edwards L Dobie L Holliday M Winter    
1988 J A Brown J W Rowell F Lawson R Chilton H Edwards    
1989 A Turner E Brown G Corbett J Fraser M Winter    
1990 W Morrill R Tait M Ramshaw G Corbett T Gibson    
1991 J Hazon N Gillender A Bulmer J F Lawson R Temple    
1992 J Hazon L Edwards N Whitfield W Johnson A Bulmer E Pedder  
1993 F Lawson F J Warne R Short K G Brown F J Warne F Lawson  
1994 R Chilton & R Short R Short R Short R Skelton J Bradley R Short  
1995 V Stokoe D Affleck G Bagier A V Lumley G Purdy G Hynes L Coombes
1996 A Lumley R Butterfield A Herriott J Wonnacott E Heslop E Brown T Spark
1997 G Hynes R Chilton D Affleck J Wonnacott W Land G Hynes W Land
1998 W Land S Blackett D Affleck N Gillender A Bulmer J Wonnacott R Chilton
1999 W Land A Burnie D Affleck T Barclay S Blackett W Land B Storey
2000 K Carse F Lawson L Moore A Lamont H Reid K Carse F Lawson
2001 J Reynolds J Wonnacott B Storey R Young G Bagier J Reynolds J Reynolds
2002 D Affleck T Stamford R Young J Wonnacott R Short D Affleck L Moore
2003 B Storey R Young B Storey R Young W Land B Storey B Storey
2004 T Johnson J Ramsay B Storey T Dodds W Land T Johnson B Scott
2005 B Storey W Armstrong B Thompson J Wonnacott W Armstrong J Ramsay B Storey
2006 W Faill W Land W Faill W B Scott W Land R Temple W Faill
2007 T Stamford N Clarke T Stamford D Sharp W Jopling B Storey R Young
2008 T Barclay J Ward M Dunn G S Howorth W Spratt R Temple M Dunn
2009 T Stamford T Stamford J Ramsay D Dewar R Temple B Storey R Steel
2010 T Stamford K Carse M Dunn L Kell D Bainbridge W Faill E Stuart
2011 B Thompson T Featherstone B Waugh J Ward T Stamford A Burnie A Burnie
2012 T Featherstone J Langham B Storey R Temple B Storey R Steel L Kell
2013 L Kell J Ward D Bainbridge J Ward T Stamford B Waugh T Barclay
2014 W Faill M Hudson H Partridge R Steel B Storey I Humphries I Bell
2015 M Harker D Belt D Douglas J Archbold I Humphries M Harker M Dunn
2016 S Anderson R Bird H Partridge C MacWhirter P Orrick R Steel I Humphries
2017 J Langham Withdrawn Withdrawn P Orrick Withdrawn I Bell D Douglas
2018 W Faill - - M Hudson - G Newton G Newton
2019 D Duckworth - - C Bloomer - R Steel C Macwhirter
2020 R Temple - - S Allmond - R Temple M McElhone
2021 G Scott - - K Donaldson - K Donaldson R Brumwell
2022 A Liddiard - - M Taylor - G Newton S Land
2023 - - - - - W Wiper D Roberts
Gordon Purdy Salver Wilf Jopling Tankard Dave Hodgson Salver Brian Scott Cup Brian Thompson Trophy Warren Faill Trophy Ron Temple Trophy
2001 F Lawson            
2002 J Wonnacott            
2003 B Storey R Young          
2004 J Ramsay R Young          
2005 B Smith R Young          
2006 B Storey W Faill          
2007 J Ward J Ward          
2008 R Temple J Ward          
2009 R Temple J Ward          
2010 R Steel R Steel          
2011 B Storey C MacWhirter          
2012 G Chapman C MacWhirter          
2013 M Hudson C Macwhirter          
2014 B McTernan W Robinson          
2015 M X Smith G Howorth J Ramsay H Partridge      
2016 W Potts S Hart C Bloomer B Cusworth      
2017 MX Smith J Langham J Ramsay D Roberts W Potts B Scott I Bell
2018 G Newton L Pringle S Hart D Roberts C Bloomer I Bell M Donnelly
2019 H Partridge C Bloomer M Donnelly C Bloomer K Donaldson B Johnson M Donnelly
2020 R Temple R Easton League cancelled R Steel D Douglas R Easton I Bell
2021 J Anderson I MacFarlane R Steel R Steel K Donaldson MX Smith R Easton
2022 J Ward L Pringle A Featherstone H Partridge K Hall G Newton J McGregor
2023 K Valentine  R Easton J McGregor A Featherstone D Douglas A Wraight D Roberts
Brian Smith Challenge Cup (Away Day)
2017 J Ward, I Bell, D Douglas, S Anderson (at Bedlington)
2018 R Steel, M Taylor, T Stamford, J Mullarkey (at Morpeth)
2019 M Hudson, M Harker, B Cusworth, B Wilson (at Chester le Street)
2020 R Easton, J Archbold, R Temple, A Butler (at Home)
2021 MX Smith, L Hope, J Archbold, J Anderson (at Bedlington)
2022 I Bell, J Archbold, L Hope, B Cusworth (at Heworth)
2023 M Donnelly, D Knox, D Roberts, C Parsons (at Hobson)
Bob Steel Trophy (Texas Scramble)
2018 I Bell, M Taylor, G Scott, B Thompson
2019 L Telfer, J Walker, S Anderson, B Cusworth
2020 L Pringle, G Scott, D Roberts, D Harlow
2021 C Bloomer, D Douglas, P Orrick, E Stuart
2022 G Scott, B Cusworth, S Land, A Butler
2023 I Teasdale, I Royal, J McGregor, S Anderson
List of Trophy Winners and Past Captains Field Day Nearest to Pin Fred Lawson Cup Millennium Trophy Captains Alan Liddiard Trophy Gus Butler Trophy
1996       George Rowell    
1997       Steve Blackett    
1998       Bill Johnson    
1999       Wilf Jopling    
2000       Brian Scott    
2001       Neil Gillender    
2002       Bill Land    
2003   Draw   Gordon Bagier    
2004   Seniors   Bob Chilton    
2005   Draw   Tom Stamford    
2006   Seniors   Jeff Wonnacott    
2007   Seniors   Brian Storey    
2008   Seniors   Dave Gill    
2009   Seniors   Brian Smith    
2010   Seniors   Tony Featherstone    
2011   Draw   John Ward    
2012   Seniors   Warren Faill    
2013 K Dunwoodie Ladies   Bob Steel    
2014 B Storey Ladies G Chapman Eddie Stuart    
2015 C Bloomer Ladies B Storey Ian Humphries    
2016 - Seniors M Harker Gordon Chapman    
2017 - Seniors Withdrawn John Archbold    
2018 B Storey Ladies - Dave Duckworth    
2019 B Cusworth Seniors - Alan Liddiard    
2020 R Steel Ladies - John Langham    
2021 A Butler Seniors - John Langham    
2022 J Irving - - Graham Scott    
2023 M McElhone - - Michael Donnelly   H Partridge
2024       Jimmy Johnson    
Tom Oliver Cup Northumberland Seniors Golf League Field day
2004 J Ramsay
2017 S Hart

Honours Board - Northumberland Seniors Golf League

League Winners League Field Day - Winning Team Ken Clake Cup League Field Day - Individual Winner Tom Oliver Cup
2001 1996 2004 - J Ramsay
2002 2005 2017 - S Hart
2006 2021