Westerhope Golf Club Dress Code

At Westerhope Golf Club, we believe in maintaining a dress code that reflects the traditions and values of the game while ensuring a comfortable and respectful atmosphere for all members and guests. Our dress code applies to all areas of the club, including the golf course, practice facilities and clubhouse.

On the Golf Course:

* Please wear recognised golf clothing & shoes when on the golf course.
* Collared shirts with sleeves, polo shirts, jackets, golf half zips & jumpers, tailored trousers, golf shorts and turtleneck shirts are considered suitable golf clothing. T-shirts, tank tops, tracksuits and football/rugby shirts are not permitted.

In the Clubhouse :

* Members and guests are expected to wear clean and smart-casual attire while inside the clubhouse.
* Jeans are permitted but no rips in them
* No Football Shirts or tracksuits are allowed
* Caps must not be worn in the clubhouse.
* Golf shoes with spikes are not allowed in the clubhouse. Clean footwear is expected

By following our Dress Code, you help maintain the standards of Westerhope Golf Club and contribute to a positive and inclusive environment for all. Enjoy your time on the course and in the clubhouse!