Membership Rates 2024/2025

Westerhope Golf Club offers a wide range of memberships for both regular and occasional golfers.

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Our memberships start 1st April until 31st March. Rates for joining mid-way during the season are available, please just email us using the contact form.

Please note that Affiliation Fees are in addition to the Club Fee and that they are collected for and paid to the relevant body for which they are collected

To apply for new membership, please complete the on line form further down this web page.

Membership Category Yearly Subscription Fee
Full Member (7 Days) £795
Senior Member (7 days, aged 65 for Men, 60 for Women (see note 1) £750
Community Membership (Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri & Saturday, (see note 2) £595
5 Day Member (Mon-Fri) £675
Country Member (see note 3) £500
Junior (7-12 yrs) £60
Junior (13-17 yrs) £150
Young Adult (18 yrs) £265
Young Adult (19 – 21 yrs) £315
Young Adult (22 yrs) £395
Young Adult (23 yrs) £420
Young Adult (24 yrs) £475
Student (up to 21 yrs, see note 4) £200
Social Membership £30
Lockers / Quarto £40 / £20
Affiliation Fee - English Golf Union £10.50
Affiliation Fee - Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs £6
Affiliation Fee - Northumberland Ladies County Golf Association £6

Note 1 – To qualify for Senior Membership you must have been a member of the Golf Club for 10 consecutive years and must have had no break in membership.

Note 2 – Community membership is available to those on low or modest income including those in receipt of state benefits. The reduced membership fee of £595 entitles the member to play golf on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Golf clubs can be borrowed free of charge from the club by community members, subject to their availability. Community members can enter competitions run by the clubs professional. Lockers are available subject to availability and are not included in the reduced membership fee of £595.

Note 3 – Country Members – applies only to existing Members.

Note 4 – Students applying for membership must have a valid Student Card and must be 21 or under to qualify. Students over the age of 21 will not be considered.

Note 5 – All Direct Debits are provided by Novuna. On the basis of your application form your e-mail address and membership fee will be supplied to them and they will e-mail you with details of their offer for your decision

Note 6 - To qualify for 85 and over membership you must have been a member of the club for 5 years.